What People Say about Myra


"Myra, your speech was international quality. You have great talent. You have the ability to share uncomfortable personal information with your audience. I came to this meeting in a bad mood. You changed that the moment you began speaking."

- Ed Lamont DTM, Profession Speaker and Founder of local Toastmasters


"You accomplished what you wanted despite your difficulties, and that is inspirational. I am sure you will inspire others the way you have inspired me."

- Daphne Dowell, Director of Education, Old School Square


"Myra Goldick is an accomplished figure and landscape painter... a consummate artist. Throughout the years that Myra has attended my classes I have noticed that her enthusiasm toward advanced study is never daunted by her physical challenges. She believes in, and is testimony to, the healing powers of art. Myra is dedicated to helping others toward this realization."

- Miles Laventhall, Professional Artist


"Myra's work displays energy and defines creativity - the willingness to take risks. She constantly strives to keep her work fresh while continuing to push the edge of the envelope."

- Becky Sanders, Director, Boca Raton School of Art


"Myra is as inspirational as the depth of her masterpieces: her art shares the colors of life and the joy of living. Her story and her art are true treasures."

- Bonnie Borenstein-Rounds MS, Rehabilitation Counselor


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Myra Goldick - Artist & Motivational Speaker

Myra Goldick

Artist & Motivational Speaker


Living Through Art®
Palm Beach County, Florida

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